7 Hills Gets Tour of Transbay Transit Center Construction Site

On Thursday, May 2, 7 Hills was treated to a tour of the Transbay Transit Center construction site. This project is so massive that after 1 year in they are still excavating! These shots fail to capture just how huge this project is. The terminal will house buses and, eventually, trains after its late-2017 opening. A full article with an extra-large professional gallery can be seen at Curbed SF on Monday, May6.

First New Link

(unrelated, but very cool destruction shot!)

Welcome to 7 Hills new blog site! We are finally getting the hang of this fancy new website and all the options that come with it. Let’s get started with a quick link to one of our favorite websites:  Curbed SF. This real-estate-centric news blog brings you all kinds of information on happenings in real estate and related topics in San Francisco and surrounding communities. You can find some very cool information there on all your favorite construction projects, glamorous houses on the market, NIMBY squabbles, plus much more (full disclosure: one of 7 Hills owners also writes for them, so we are a little biased!). Check it out for yourself, and stay tuned here for more news, tips, and anything else of interest we can come think up!

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